Foreclosure Defense

We all know that the real estate market has collapsed. It has left many homeowners upside down or “under water” with their real estate. It is a difficult decision on what to do with the outstanding debt on your property, but you have options. As an example, in a Chapter 13, in some cases, you can eliminate a second mortgage on your home. You can also reduce auto loans to their current value. One thing is clear, if you do not take a pro active approach, your finances will continue to spin out of control. If you have a home and have been served with foreclosure papers, you are given 20 days to answer. This includes Saturday and Sunday, but not legal holidays. If you fail to answer it is like not showing up to a football game. A default is entered against you and you may have lost the case. Avoid these problems by consulting our law firm. We provide a free initial consultation. When we handle these cases we charge a flat fee and include any and all efforts to obtain a loan modification on your behalf. Don’t just give in, find out your rights. We are here to serve you.